MTU students to launch meal planning app

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Two Michigan Tech students are preparing to launch a personalized meal-planning app. The idea for Looma began as a nutrition app based on blood tests and medical data.

"When we went out and we talked to customers we found out that what people really wanted was something that was kind of simple and personalized that they could kind of track their calories and macronutrients, know how to eat healthier and at the same time have more variety within their day-to-day meal plans," said Looma cofounder Kyle Ludwig.

The app will provide access to 2 million healthy recipes. Users can save recipes suggested based on their dietary needs.

"Looma's main demographic is millennials and that is because millennials as a generation have become very interested in their health and they are beginning to use technology to integrate their life planning and their daily nutrition intake," said Ben Jaszczak, co-founder of Still North Media, Looma’s promotions partner.

The app helps build grocery lists, schedule meals into a calendar and track nutrition and portions. Looma opens to pre-orders for the beta version at 8:00 a.m. Monday. Pre-ordering incentives include subscription discounts and gifts.

"There is certainly a lot of potential, particularly as he enables people who wouldn't otherwise be inclined to seek a healthy diet to do that. I think his goal is to impact the health of a lot of people by making healthy diets more accessible and I think that is really the growth opportunity that the company has," said Jim Baker, Executive Director of Innovation and Industry for MTU and Ludwig’s mentor.

The beta version will launch in June, with a full version hitting the Apple Store in late summer. More information is available at and

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