MTU students take charge of their education in the classroom

Published: Jul. 11, 2016 at 4:36 PM EDT
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The Jackson Active Learning classroom is no ordinary classroom as it's proving a new modern way of teaching for students.

They're pro actively learning by using their smart phone, tablet or laptop.

"We're not the only campus doing this," said director of the Jackson Active Learning Center, Mike Myer. "This is based on work out of the University of Minnesota. They've recently built an 80 million dollar building that has rooms that we've sort of modeled this after."

A Michigan Tech alum, William G. Jackson donated 1 million dollars to help build the classroom in spring on 2016.

Students are able to use their technology devices to project their work on monitors for all to see.

"There's a lot of evidence that students need that kind of practice to really get good at problem solving and so pretty much any of our scientific, technical or discussion based kinds of classes can really take advantage of this space," mentioned Myers.

Students are reinforcing concepts at their own pace and helping out one another.

"At first everyone was kind of quiet sitting in their seats the way you always do, but as time went on i think we've gotten a lot more comfortable getting up and moving around and I like it a lot more," said student, John Matcheck.

As for the instructor, this virtual classroom is making their job a little bit easier.

"I see some students struggling and I try to give the whole classroom some pointers and let them go," said class instructor, Jim DeClerck. "I think it's mush more effective than just listening to the instructor and what I tell them."