MTU recognize their engineers during National Engineers Week

Published: Feb. 20, 2017 at 6:43 PM EST
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Michigan Tech is well known for graduating engineers and students say that's something to be proud of.

It's National Engineers week and the university is happy to celebrate.

"Science is endless. The endless possibilities," said student, Grace Kluchka. "The different things where you're like oh wait that's really cool i want to learn more about that."

The campus showed off a little engineering pride on campus with the husky statue dressed in a lab coat.

Monday kicked off activities sponsored by the Tau Beta Pi National Honor Society.

The local chapter started planning November of 2016.

"They're so many groups on campus that do really cool different science things," said public relations officer for Tau Beta Phi, Morgan Herzdog. "Especially because they're so many different disciplines of engineering here that it gives us a chance to maybe see what some of these groups do that we didn't necessarily know about them doing before."

Activities included involvement with science, technology, engineering and math from Michigan Tech's Green Campus Enterprise and Mind Trekkers.

Students were able to check out a rocket stove demo stove and take part in some hands on demos like playing with a tiny toy car.

"It's able to sense different little colors. So you can draw a little picture and it'll follow along with it," mentioned Kluchka. "It has little codes that are programmed into it (the car). The codes can make it turn around, do a little dance."

Monday was just the start of what's to come during National Engineers Week.