MTEC Smartzone announces upcoming SmartStart classes

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - MTEC SmartZone (MTEC) announced Thursday they will be holding another series of SmartStart classes starting June 5, 2019. SmartStart is an MTEC program that is designed to educate and guide entrepreneurs through the process of validating and growing their business idea.

SmartStart includes six separate class sessions over the course of a six to the seven-week timeframe where participants develop their business plan; identify their target market and the consumer; learn how to build a team; and calculate potential funding needs. The SmartStart program was developed to help entrepreneurs take their business ideas and develop them using proven business development methods to achieve success. Sessions are led by Jason Mack, Vice President of Business Development, who brings his experience in startup development to the teaching space.

“Upon completion of the SmartStart program you will be able to articulate every element of your business: from financials to targeted customers and everything in between,” said Jason Mack, VP of Business Development at MTEC. “It will also introduce you to a network of people places and things, all dedicated to your success.”

Jason will use materials from Wendy Kennedy’s manual, “Business Model Generation, Start-Up Owner’s Manual, and a Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company” to assist SmartStart participants with developing their business idea using effective, tested models. SmartStart is open to anyone who wants to bring their business idea to the next level but needs help reaching their goals.

Upon completion of the SmartStart classes, certain participants will be evaluated for participation in other MTEC programs and services. These services include access to the MTEC incubator and accelerator facilities, programs that foster and develop access to markets and partners, as well as getting connected to MTEC’s service provider network of human resource, staff development, book keeping, legal advising and other essential business building resources.

Ultimately, MTEC’s goal is to assist in the development of innovative ideas that result in successful, sustainable businesses in our community and driving economic improvement throughout the region.

To learn more about applying to the SmartStart class and other MTEC programs, go or call 906-487-7000.

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