MSP Negaunee Post Trooper honored for saving a life during traffic stop

 MSP Negaunee Post Trooper Joseph Ballone. (MSP Photo)
MSP Negaunee Post Trooper Joseph Ballone. (MSP Photo) (WLUC)
Published: Oct. 3, 2019 at 4:18 PM EDT
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The Michigan State Police (MSP) Negaunee Post is honored to announce that Trooper Joseph Ballone has been recognized for saving a life.

The MSP Board of Awards reviewed an incident investigated by Trooper Ballone and concluded that he was deserving of the department’s Lifesaving Award.

The Negaunee Post wishes to celebrate Trooper Ballone’s recognition and congratulate him for successful actions he took to preserve the life of one of our citizens.

On March 5, 2019, Trooper Ballone conducted a traffic stop for a speeding violation. He made contact with the driver, then returned to his patrol car with driver and vehicle identifications.

A short time later, Trooper Ballone re-contacted the driver, who was then slouched over to her side. Trooper Ballone called out to the subject, but the driver did not respond. The driver was breathing, but her eyelids were half-closed. Trooper Ballone tried to rouse the driver by performing a sternum rub and called for her to wake up but did not receive desired results.

Then, Trooper Ballone notified dispatch and emergency medical services (EMS) was dispatched to the scene. Trooper Ballone checked the driver’s vital signs and noticed that the time between breaths was becoming longer and her pulse was becoming fainter.

A short time later, the driver stopped breathing and a pulse could not be detected.

Trooper Ballone then removed the driver from the vehicle and applied AED pads, at which time the driver’s lips started turning blue. The AED indicated no shock advised, so he began CPR.

The driver eventually started breathing again, and a pulse was detected.

Approximately five minutes later, the driver stopped breathing again, her pulse was lost for the second time, and he resumed CPR.

During this time, the driver’s employer called her phone, made contact with Trooper Ballone, and advised that the driver had abused opioids in the past and may have recently relapsed.

With this new information, Trooper Ballone administered NARCAN as the ambulance arrived on scene.

Trooper Ballone, along with paramedics, continued CPR efforts and shortly thereafter, the driver began breathing and regained a pulse.

The driver was transported to a local hospital for treatment and made a full recovery.

If not for Trooper Ballone’s extraordinary actions, the driver would not have survived.

The MSP Board of Awards meets semi-annually to review award nominations for extraordinary actions taken by department members while fulfilling their duties. After carefully considering the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident, it was the decision of the Board of Awards that Trooper Ballone should be recognized with the MSP Citation for Lifesaving.

This award was authorized by Colonel Joseph Gasper, Director of the Michigan State Police, and issued to Trooper Ballone with sincere appreciation for his service and commitment to excellence.