MDOT ALERT: Don't ignore road closures

WLUC File Photo

UPPER MICHIGAN (WLUC) - Multiple roadways remain closed in the Upper Peninsula Monday morning, including portions of I-75, US-2, M-26, M-28, M-117 and M-129. Check this MDOT map for updates.

MDOT says reopening some of these roadways after severe blowing and drifting may take several more hours.

MDOT reminds motorists they should never bypass a road closure barrier, even if crews are plowing beyond or around the barrier. When you enter a closed section of roadway, you inhibit the ability of crews to clear the roads and pose a real danger to plow operators and yourself.

It is against the law to drive on a closed highway and law enforcement officers will issue tickets. If you need to reach your home or leave your home for an emergency, residents in the closure area should call their local law enforcement agency to ask for an escort.

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