MCMCF resident tests positive for COVID-19

 The Marquette County Medical Care Facility sign in Ishpeming (WLUC file image).
The Marquette County Medical Care Facility sign in Ishpeming (WLUC file image). (WLUC)
Published: Apr. 3, 2020 at 8:05 AM EDT
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A Marquette County Medical Care Facility resident who tested positive for COVID-19 is doing well, the facility's administrator said Friday morning.

Jerry Hubbard says the MCMCF was notified at 4:00 p.m. Thursday that a resident tested positive for COVID-19.

Hubbard says the resident is a man with multiple chronic diseases and he was showing ongoing symptoms of those diseases. He was sent to the emergency room because of the symptoms he was showing for his chronic disease, not COVID-19. Hubbard says the resident did not show COVID-19 symptoms at MCMCF. He was tested at the hospital and sent "right back" to MCMCF.

"It takes so long to get a test result that he's already no longer contageous," said Hubbard. "I'm happy to say that the resident is doing fine right now. He's well, in good spirits."

Hubbard says MCMCF management called the facility's 270 employees and the families of its 123 residents. Residents in the facility have been notified, as well.

"We feel we're doing everything we can. We're confident that we've done all the right things, and I think as time goes on, this is going to be more common, such that this no longer even news."

Hubbard says the facility is following guidance from the CDC and WHO for enhanced employee screening.

"So every employee is screened when they come to work, and we do multiple screenings of our residents to make sure they aren't showing symptoms," he said.

This is the sixth reported case of COVID-19 in Marquette County.

Two people have died in the U.P. of COVID-19 complications.

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