M-Power Innovations expands to include partnership with worldwide GPS company

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - mPower Innovations is putting Iron Mountain on the geospatial map. The local company just recently partnered with worldwide GPS giant Esri.

"To be partnered with Esri is a big accomplishment,” Marketing Manager Daniel Freeman said. “A lot of our customers use Esri as a foundation for their mapping and data base and with this partnership, our partners know that we work directly with Esri and our products are supported by Esri as well."

But what is it exactly that mPower does? Well for customers across the country, they're taking their services and introducing it to a digital world.

"So in the past they had paper maps which were hard to pull data and reports,” Freeman added. “What we do is take that data and put it in a geospatial world. We'll map it out and then all of their assets are mapped out on a GPS base or georeferenced based map."

The company started in Iron Mountain over thirty years ago. They briefly moved to Appleton, Wisconsin, but just last year brought their 20 employees back due to the number of U.P. customers.

"We've recently relocated to the Upper Peninsula in 2017,” President and CEO Jason Brown said. “We've been blessed by great growth locally, we have 20-something customers in the U.P. that are all relatively new."

"I think a lot of people are surprised to know that there is a high tech software company based here in Iron Mountain and I think it's something for the town to be proud of,” Freeman said. “This partnership means a lot in terms of mPower's growth, but it's also a big thing for the community too."

Both the community and the company are looking forward to seeing that growth.

Learn more about mPower Innovations by clicking here.

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