Lucky raffle winner receives St. Vincent De Paul shopping spree

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC)- One lucky raffle winner received a special prize at the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store in Marquette Friday evening. Lottery winner Jasmine Leaf got a 15 minute all-you-can-grab store wide shopping spree.

“Vinny's is fun. I come here and I want to relax and look at stuff,” said Jasmine Leaf, winner of St. Vincent’s shopping spree raffle. “I enjoy digging through and finding treasures.”

This is the first shopping spree St. Vincent De Paul has given out. The only rules of the spree, items must fit in the cart and case items and jewelry are off limits.

According to St. Vincent’s, donation numbers increase in the summer and the spree is a fun way to promote the store.

“We're kind of on the edge of town so, as the year goes by, I think people tend to forget we're here,” said Jennifer Retchko, Assistant Manager at St. Vincent De Paul. “This is a reminder that we're here, we've always got an awesome bargain and this is definitely an event that we do again.”

St. Vincent De Paul in Marquette is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 6 pm and Saturday from 9 to 5 pm.

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