Local veterinarian aiding animals in Hurricane Harvey effort

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HARVEY, Mich. (WLUC) - National aid on a local level—that’s what Dr. Tim Hunt, owner of Bayshore Veterinary Hospital is doing for animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.

40,000 pounds of his personal brand of pet food was picked up on Wednesday from a warehouse in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s set to arrive to FEMA by Friday.

Many pets were displaced from their homes after Hurricane Harvey his the Texas coast.

“Talking to the folks in Houston, with regards to how many animals are going to be showing up at their shelters, by week's end, they're guessing about 15,000 and that's just a guess. And by next week, it could be double that,” Dr. Hunt said. “If we can't feed these animals soon enough, then decisions have to be made that aren't always so pleasant. So having food available is going to really help out these critters.”

Dr. Hunt hopes this story will inspire everyone to send relief aid for people impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

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