Local veterans remember Pearl Harbor

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - December 7th, 2017 marks 76 years since the surprise Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii took the lives of 2,403 American citizens.

This morning, the VFW Negaunee Post #3164 met for their daily coffee, talking about their Pearl Harbor memories.

Out of the group, veteran, Russell Williams was the only one who was alive that day. While just a boy, he remembers listening to the news of the attack on the radio. The attacks are what led the United States to enter World War II, which sent three of Williams' brothers into the conflict.

While Thomas Stanaway wasn't alive at the time, his memories of the day come from his deceased aunt, calling it a mess of a day.

"It's hard to reflect upon the fact when the persons are not alive anymore to tell you exactly what they went through," Stanaway said. "We live the memories of whoever your family was, or someone close as a neighbor or something to tell you, and we're losing those people that ever did that."

The Negaunee Post lost their only living Pearl Harbor veteran and post member last year.

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