Local snow removal services helping military families

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Plowing driveways and salting sidewalks have become a seasonal chore that can take up to hours to complete. And for those who have a deployed military family member, it can be even more of a challenge.

"If it’s a single parent left behind, they have plenty to do without worrying about snow and ice removals," said Boss Snowplow Marketing Director, Mark Klossner.

To help, Boss Snowplow and Project Evergreen created 'SnowCare for Troops.' A program to pair local snow and ice removal services to military families and disable veterans.

"So this allows the people that want to do it the chance to help their country by using either snow plow, thrower or shovel to remove the snow for those other folks," explained Klossner.

As the U.P. is no stranger to snow, officials said they are always looking for those with snow and ice equipment to sign up.

"They will give you the name and number and you will contact that person or family and say 'hey I'm the one that volunteered' and then you can show up and work out the details with them," added Klossner.

Those who have volunteered in the past said it’s one of the greatest things they've ever done because it’s more than clearing the snow, but giving time for veterans and families.

"In some cases they show up, and they plow a driveway and if it’s a single mom that’s left with kids you know they come out and there is tears running down their cheeks," said Klossner. "They are really helping them out and doing a great thing."

SnowCare for Troops is a national program that has helped hundreds in the U.P.

Interested military families and veterans, can register online, along with those wanting to volunteer. For more information or to register or volunteer, click here.

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