Local school districts provide meals for students during closures

MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - With schools closed across the state due to COVID-19, many districts are still providing students with free meals.

Negaunee Public Schools is just one example, distributing breakfast and lunch meals at three different locations.

"We tried to pick three spots geographically that would be easy for our students to get to and their families. Essentially how it works, is students 18 years and under get to get a breakfast and a lunch for free,” said Negaunee Public Schools Superintendent, Dan Skewis.

Skewis says the program has been popular and has even added another pickup location at the Negaunee Township Hall.

"We added Negaunee Township yesterday, on Monday, and we're serving over 200 meals a day to our students,” Skewis said.

Gwinn Area Community Schools is also handing out meals from various locations.

"We continue to serve meals every day. We're putting out about 150 [a day] which doesn't seem like a lot but is certainly appreciated by those getting those meals,” said Gwinn Area Community Schools Superintendent, Sandy Petrovich.

Both programs are considered essential services, so Gov. Whitmer’s shelter-in-place order does not impact them.

"We still have essential workers coming out to prepare the meals and making sure they're distributed, so it has not affected our ability to provide those meals,” Petrovich said.

Both superintendents add that these programs are important, since so many students rely on school meals.

"Ultimately, we want to make sure that our students have something in their stomachs and keep them healthy as we move through this closure. You know, maybe give some normalcy during an abnormal time would be the best way to put it,” Skewis said.

For information on Negaunee’s meal program, click here.

For information on Gwinn’s program, click here.

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