Local investigator and attorney releases new books based on local UP cases

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - A Marquette County private investigator and a defense attorney are teaming up again to educate and entertain the public with their newest books.

Tom and Rhonda Cassellman are releasing "Money Talks," a fictional novel based on a local vehicular homicide case where the only survivor of the crash has amnesia, begging the question, who drove the car, the defendant or deceased?

The other book, "Don’t Talk, You'll Walk,' is a manual for citizens that goes over what the public should say or do when questioned by law enforcement.

This book also contains fictional cases inspired by local cases.

"We hope law enforcement, defense and prosecutor counsel and the general public will enjoy reading and learning from our investigative and trial skills," said Tom Cassellman. "We have always had the upmost respect and appreciation for all branches of law enforcement."

The books can be purchased at the Cassellman and Henderson office downtown Marquette from 11 to 2 until Monday, November 12. The two plan to write another book this winter.

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