Local horse trainer works with wild Wyoming mustang

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CHATHAM, Mich. (WLUC) - A wild Wyoming mustang is on her way to be fully trained for the Midwest Horse Fair Tip Challenge.

Starting January 13, veteran horse trainer Naomi Rutter has 90 days to gentle, four-year-old Steel Magnolias.

In April she will take the mustang mare to Madison, Wisconsin to join 50 other competitors.

To prep for the completion, Rutter welcomed horse lovers into her barn in Chatham for a mustang gentling demonstration.

Dozens of people showed up to watch Rutter begin to win the trust of the wild mustang.

"The mustang has been running wild for thousand and thousands of years and so now to actually bring part of the American heritage into domestication is what really interests a lot of people," said Rutter.

From now until the horse fair in April, Rutter hopes to train steel basic maneuvers and to be able ride.

She plans to put Steel up for sale after the competition.

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