Local high school seniors receive special delivery

FELCH, Mich. (WLUC) - If you were in Dickinson County Wednesday, you may have seen a large convoy of buses and first responders.

Superintendent and principal Angel Inglese says it was all part of a plan to surprise the graduating seniors from North Dickinson County School.

"They can't run the halls like they would have today. They would have gotten their caps and gowns today. It would have been a special day so we are bringing them their caps and gowns. I think it's going to be good. I think it's going to brighten their days and that's our goal,” Inglese exclaimed.

Masyn Alexa has had the past 12 years to prepare to say goodbye to her friends. But would never have guessed her year would end like this.

"It's been difficult. We're not getting the closure that most people do get their senior year. We never thought our last day together would be March 13th," Alexa asserted.

But then the pandemic hit and these seniors were given an early dose of reality.

"I think this is teaching us to not take things for granted. The time you have with people and the moments you're expecting. Nothing is guaranteed," Alexa reasoned.

"For a senior that's going out into a university or to the military or into the work force they have to be able to adjust to things that are thrown at them. In that sense they're a little bit more prepared I guess for the real world,” Inglese figured.

Alexa may indeed have to make use of internet technology in order to continue her education. She plans on Michigan Technological University to study Exercise Science in the fall.

Meanwhile, some of the other seniors and parents, are just waiting to see if and when they’re have a graduation ceremony.

"We had the senior students fill out a survey. They would like a graduation sooner than later. So we are hoping to have a ceremony on June. We don't have a defined plan yet. We're kind of waiting until May 28th to see what the governor says. I don't want to give a date and then have it fall through," Inglese stated.

Whatever happens this summer, for 22 graduating seniors, this is a year they’ll never forget.

“We’re hoping to maybe get together one more time before everyone goes off to college or joins the workforce,” Alexa declared.

Congratulations and good luck to all graduating seniors. If you can handle COVID-19, you'll be just fine.