Local dentist Halloween candy buy-back program set to surpass last year's amount

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - A Marquette dentist office has found a way to get kids to give their Halloween candy back!

Here's how it works: Marquette Pediatric Dentistry located on Third Street will pay $5 for every pound of candy each child turns in to the dentist, up to $15.

Kids also have the option to donate that money to UPAWS and the dentist will in turn, match that child's donation.

Doctor Melisa Potocki says they’ve created this incentive, because despite being preventable, cavities remain the number one chronic disease in children, surpassing asthma.

Potocki also says having daily ration of leftover Halloween candy in the house can put a big dent in your kids' smiles.

"If they're eating even just a little bit every day, that's going to add up and cause cavities quicker. I would rather a kid sit down on Halloween night and eat their whole bowl until they get a belly ache and then be done, than to have a little piece in their lunch every single day until Christmas," Potocki announced.

Dr. Potocki says they've already collected 150 pounds of candy. With the buy-back program running through next Friday, November 16, she expects to surpass last year’s total of 180 pounds.

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