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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - Marquette Community Boatbuilding (MCB) and the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) are pleased to announce a new collaboration between the two groups.

The goal is to inform the community about traditional wooden boat building, get more people rowing and to better monitor and protect Lake Superior.

While there has been a small group of local boatbuilding enthusiasts collaborating for many years they formally launched MCB in 2018 with support from Tamarack Custom Builders (Marquette, MI), Hands on Deck (Green Bay, WI) and Jamestown Distributors (Bristol, RI).

The main objective of MCB is to offer opportunities for interested individuals to learn about traditional wooden boats through hands-on experience and actually assisting in boat building and then rowing it on Lake Superior!

Currently MCB is building a 22 foot Scottish St. Ayles skiff, a rugged coastal rowing boat that can accommodate a crew of up to five members; typically four rowers and a coxswain (or cox) who steers and directs the rowers.

The skiff will be built of oak and marine plywood and should take about a year to complete depending on community participation!

When the skiff is complete, the Superior Watershed Partnership and the Great Lakes Conservation Corps (GLCC) will utilize the skiff for coastal habitat restoration, monitoring, research and outreach programming. The SWP will also provide opportunities for community members to row the skiff and assist with Lake Superior monitoring events.

For more information, contact Mike Potts at 906-361-4897 or mpotts205@att.net.

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