Local authors gather at Snowbound Books for Local Author Extravaganza

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - A number of local authors gathered at Snowbound Books in downtown Marquette Saturday to please their fans.

It was part of Snowbound Books’ annual Local Author Extravaganza, an event the bookstore has held during the holiday season for the last decade. Each year, Snowbound Books invites a number of different local authors who have recently published a book to come socialize with customers and promote their work.

"Snowbound Books is one of the best local book stores anywhere. They're book people, they're book lovers. When I first came here to ask them to carry my book, because my new novel just came out July 17th, they already had it on the shelf, so of course I would love to do anything I can to help support this awesome local bookstore," says Cyndi Perkins, author of "More Than You Think You Know," and an attendee at this year's event.

This year, Russell Magnaghi, Cyndi Perkins, Tyler Tichelaar, B.G. Bradley, Karl Bohnak, Jack Deo, Sonny Longtine and Rich Hill attended the event.

"As a writer, just meeting readers, it's fun for me to be here and to talk to people and to talk to the other authors because I'm a new author and I always get to learn from them," Perkins says.

Snowbound Books will be holding another local author event for Independent Bookstore Day in late April.