Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly hosts free Easter Dinner

HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - The Church of the Resurrection in Hancock held a special Easter dinner for the elderly on Sunday. The event was organized by the volunteer organization “Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly.”

"It's nice because they have covered tablecloths, regular glass plates and cups. It's not a casual set-up, it's a formal set-up honoring the elderly and everything that they contributed in the past, continue to contribute, and will contribute in the future to people like me,” said Little Brothers Volunteer, Kathy Jarvenpaa.

Besides home-made food, the dinner also featured live music, Easter baskets filled with candy, and a lot of conversation.

"It's really refreshing to give them that opportunity to re-socialize and talk about when their kids were growing up together and everything like that,” Jarvenpaa said.

Volunteers say the meal is especially important for those that don't have any friends or family to celebrate the holiday with.

"The nice part is, we don't want them to be by themselves. That's mine and everybody else's, I’m guessing, reason why too. We don’t want them to be by themselves on the holidays, so it's very special that they come here,” said Little Brothers Volunteer, Judy Musto.

Musto adds that months of preparation went into planning the dinner.

"The last three days have been really, really busy. It takes a lot of preparation and there's many, many people that get involved in this,” she said.

Both Jarvenpaa and Musto agree that without the help of the community, events like this wouldn't be possible.

"We have people come and they donate the meal, and our flowers for all the elderly, and gifts like presents that we give for the elderly. It's wonderful, I mean we have so many people from outside of here from Little Brothers that donate,” added Musto.

More information on Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly can be found by clicking here.

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