Lisa Mack's family still looking for answers 20 years after her death

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. Twenty years ago today, Lisa Mack was found murdered in Mayme's Bar in Iron Mountain. The mother of two was just about to turn 35, and it was Mother’s Day weekend.

Lisa's niece, Melissa Ebsch, remembers that day, May 15, 1999, very vividly.

She was on her way to Rockford, Ill. with her mother to visit her sister. They had passed Mayme’s earlier that day, on their way to Illinois, but they had no idea the news they were about to receive upon their arrival in Rockford.

"I guess that is a day that is burned into my brain. And then came, you know, who did this, who would want to do this, and our family didn't know why," Ebsch said.

Twenty years later, Lisa Mack's family is still asking those same questions.

There is a person of interest, Rallund Lee Ottlinger, but the motive behind the killing and the details remain unknown, and the case remains open.

"It's a case that never stops and we always work on. New technology has come about, stuff is reanalyzed. You never stop on it,” said Director of Police and Fire Services for the City of Iron Mountain, Ed Mattson.

Ebsch says she copes by remembering the good times with her aunt, and what a good person she was. The two were very close, and
Ebsch says that Mack even helped raise her.

"There wasn’t a day I didn’t talk to her, probably multiple times, or see her. That’s just the type of person that she was. She would root for the underdog and stay positive for everybody else," Ebsch said.

However, she says she hopes to get some closure on Mack's death soon.

"I would like to see it resolved and I know a lot of my family members would too," added Ebsch.

The Iron Mountain Police are hoping to close the case soon, and bring that closure to Mack's family as well as the Iron Mountain community.

"We haven’t forgotten, we never will. I was working that day, I was working that night. When I leave someday, if it hasn't been solved, it’ll be handed on to the next person. But we're hopeful for a conclusion here by the end of it,” Mattson said.

Ebsch encourages anyone with any information or any stories they’d like to share about Mack to visit the “Justice for Lisa Mack” Facebook page, which can be found here.

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