Light at the Inn offers warm place to sleep for Dickinson County's homeless

Published: Jan. 28, 2019 at 7:07 PM EST
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The temperatures keep dropping, snow keeps falling and not everyone has a home to keep them warm. For the homeless population in Dickinson County, they can turn to the Light at the Inn. The rotating shelter travels between different churches in the area.

"We're churches but we're not going to be preaching at you,” Peggy Gattra, the Shelter’s Coordinator, told TV6 News. “We're just going to be trying to help you and get you through this bad time in your life and maybe get you onto a new chapter of life."

The shelter offers their guests a hot meal and a warm place to sleep every night.

"They're very appreciative,” Grace United Methodist Church’s Pastor Irene White said. “They're just glad to get out of the cold because they have to leave here at seven in the morning and they don't get to come back until six. So they have to spend all day outside in the cold trying to find places to stay warm and get lunch."

Volunteers say they get as much out of the experience as the guests do.

"It's a great feeling but I think that we benefit more than they do,” Gattra added. “We get to meet other Christians from all different kinds of churches around here and work together. It's just a great fellowship thing to do to help these people, they're really nice people who have fallen on hard times."

"It feels we are accomplishing what God has called us to do, to look after our neighbor,” Bethany Lutheran Church’s Pastor Dave Johnson said. To make sure they have a warm place to stay, food to eat. It's just a small part of what we can do but we hope it makes a difference."

The shelter rotates every week. This week is at Bethany Lutheran/Grace Methodist Church in Norway.

The rest of the schedule is as follows:

Feb. 3-10 — St. Mary/St. Barbara Catholic Church

Feb. 10-17 — Trinity United Methodist Church

Feb. 17-24 — Norway Covenant Church

Feb. 24-March 3 — St. Mary/St. Barbara Catholic Church

March 3-10 — Trinity United Methodist Church

March 10-17 — Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

March 17-24 — Redemption Hill Church

March 24-31 — Bethany Lutheran/Grace Methodist Church