Licensing application deadline approaches for Northern Specialty Health

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - The licensing application deadline for medical marijuana facilities operating under local approval is February 15. Northern Specialty Health has been hard at work filling out all of their paperwork. They and their local attorney are confident it will be submitted in time. If their license is approved, the city must still update their ordinance to comply with new state regulations.

"Well we are hoping that the City of Houghton will amend the current ordinance and allow us to continue operation. It is really up to them whether or not we will be able to continue to be here or not. So, we are hoping that they find us useful and beneficial to the community and continue to support us like they have," said Penny Milkey, co-owner of Northern Specialty Health.

Part of the application includes a form for the local municipality. State licenses must be issued by June 15 for the facility to remain open.

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