Lawmakers tour Marquette Salvation Army

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Salvation Army Captains Doug and Kim Winters gave tours Monday to State Representative Sara Cambensy and former State Senator Tom Casperson, who now works for State Senator, Ed McBroom.

During the tour, food donations from this past weekend's U.S. Postal Service Stamp Out Hunger food drive were being unloaded during the tour and all those donations will help with the growing need in the community.

"400 families come through our food pantries each month. That's not meant to be a sustaining amount of food, but it does help supplement the other food programs that are out there and for some folks, that can be difference between going hungry one day and not going hungry," said Captain Doug Winters.

More than 25 percent of people in Michigan are on some sort of assistance, and in the U.P., that number goes up to 40 percent.

"Knowing that the can goods and food that people left out on their doorsteps [Saturday] has made it here and will be getting out to families soon, I think it's a wonderful thing," said Cambensy.

The food pantry and thrift store are just some of the services that the Salvation Army provides for those in need in Marquette County.

"The other major thing that we do is some of the case work that we have going on. Being able to meet with families on an individual basis and help them move up and reach the goals that a family has to step forward in life," added Winters.

Cambensy and Casperson got to see first-hand the generosity of volunteers and the hard work that the Salvation Army does to continue to help the community and urge all those who can to get involved.

“One of the major things that people can do is help volunteer. Right now, after the postal service food drive, we've got bins and bins of canned goods. We need to separate those by date, by the type of food, store them on the shelf so we can use them effectively in our food pantry,” added Winters.

"If people can step up and volunteer, I encourage them to stop by and see how they can get involved," Cambensy said.

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