Late night election results post changes to Marquette City Commission race

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Margaret Brumm will not be moving on to the November election, following a late night change in election results within the city of Marquette.

In preliminary results, Brumm was in the running to be on the ballot with 520 votes, compared to Nina Van Den Ende's original 514. Results from Precinct 1 changed results with Van Den Ende leading with a change of 21 votes.

The Marquette County Clerk stated they had results for the AV Counting Board, but not results for the precinct in precinct 1. Absentee votes were originally tallied for the precinct, and were posted. Those result changed the outcome in the Marquette City Commission race.

In a Facebook post, Margaret Brumm said she is in “a state of disbelief.” She goes on to say “I am still running for a seat on the Marquette City Commission in November of 2019. I'm running because I feel I am the best candidate for the position. And thanks to everyone who voted for me (…)to Evan, Sally, Andrew and Nina: Congratulations and I will see you in the General Election in November!”

Final results are as follows:

Evan Bonsall with 1,738 votes.
Andrew Lorinser posted 962.
Sally Davis came in with 817.
Nina Van Den Ende ended the night with 567.
Margaret Brumm missed the vote with 546.
Mike Plourde had 326 votes.
Jermey Ottaway posted 211.
Barrett Engle wrapped up with 96.

Bonsall, Lorinser, Davis, and Van Den Ende will be moving on to the election November 5 for two seats in the Marquette City Commission.

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