Lakeview Arena will use Hockeyville funds for arena updates

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Lakeview arena received $150,000 for Hockeyville U.S.A.

They didn't use all of the money. So how much do they have left?

“We really don't have any final facts or figures right now but we encumbered a little over $120,000 of the prize money for this next fiscal year for some future projects,” said Andrew MacIver, park and recreation coordinator for the City of Marquette. “We will be looking at the bases of what we have to do to keep this building operational and keep the ice affordable for the community.”

In preparation for the NHL game, the arena updated the dehumidification system, the Zambonis and new glass around the ice. It would have cost a pretty penny if Lakeview hadn't received some sweet deals; making it cost only around $30,000.

“We were able to acquire some glass from the Colorado Avalanche, the Pepsi Center, through some of the resources that the NHL provided us,” said MacIver. “We did get that at a pretty good discount so some of our prize money was used for that.”

With $120,000 left, there's a lot of options on what to do next, but right now nothing has been decided.

“So we really, don't have plans right now we are kind of waiting for professionals to give us some guidelines and some feedback on what is going to be the best route for feasibly with energy savings, reducing cost of operating and also to just prioritize a list of things that need to be done in this facility,” said MacIver.

According to MacIver they hope to start the projects in the spring.

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