Lake to Lake Cooperative to get $86,000 in grant money to manage invasive species

Understanding the behaviors of invasive red swamp crayfish, like this female pulled from a detention pond in Novi, Michigan will aid in efforts to control and reduce their populations. (Michigan DNR Photo)
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - 32 projects in Michigan that will share $3.6 million in grants through the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program. One of those programs is the lake to lake Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area or CISMA.

That program will get about $86,000. That money is used to help them with general operating costs as they identify and work to eliminate invasive species in the lakes, rivers and on land.

"This funding allows us to have a crew, allows me to still be a coordinator and have this position to write more grants and to keep our organization up and running and managing invasive species and achieving our goals," CISMA Invasive Species Coordinator Elise Desjarlais.

The money likely won't be distributed to groups until the spring. Because of Michigan's Invasive Species Grant Program more than 31,000 acres have been treated for invasive land and aquatic plants.

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