Lake Shore Systems Inc. installs first exhibit in Imagination Factory Children's Museum

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IRON MOUTNAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Lake Shore Systems Inc. is building the first exhibit in the Our Place Community Center Imagination Factory Children's Museum located in Iron Mountain.

Lake Shore Systems workers build the exhibit. (WLUC Photo)

When the exhibit opens, it will function as a model of Lake Shore's real-life replenishing system. This gives kids the chance to transfer supplies from one ‘ship’ to another. All of the materials used have been donated and constructed by Lake Shore Systems.

"We were able to put an exhibit here at the children's museum, for the U.P., the kids, and Northern Michigan to use what we build. They can learn about manufacturing, engineering and designing, and be a part of a great program,” said Lake Shore Systems community relations manager, Kellie Sexton.

The museum will feature many other exhibits. They are all donated by a wide variety of companies.

Their open date is not yet set, but they are in need of donations. You can send donations to 217 Izzo-Mariucci Way, Iron Mountain, MI, 49801.

For more on the museum click here.

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