Lake Antoine retaining wall and accessibility mat complete

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - After only three weeks of building at Lake Antoine Park, the retaining wall is complete.

The retaining wall at Lake Antoine Park

Lake Antoine Park Partners formed about a year ago with the goal to make the beach more accessible and get the park back to its glory days. With the help of U.P. Concrete, adding new sand, and a mobility mat, their dreams are coming true.

"Oh I am so proud of this project. It's the vision I had for the beach and it's all come to pass and I'm really emotional about it. It's so exciting, just so exciting to see such a huge improvement in our park,” said Lake Antoine Park Partners Treasurer and Dickinson County Commissioner, Barbara Kramer.

Lake Antoine Beach is now one of the only fully accessible beach in the Upper Peninsula.

The group hopes this retaining wall will prevent the beach from eroding and allow everyone to use the lake. Future projects include adding accessible parking and another play set.

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