Labor union workers celebrate Labor Day with rally and cookout

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ISHPEMING, Mich (WLUC)- Union workers from around the U.P. were celebrating Labor Day in style Monday. A union rally was held at Lake Bancroft Park in Ishpeming to honor the holiday. Workers celebrated with food, drinks, and live music.

Representatives Ken Summers, Scott Dianda, Sara Cambensy, and Matt Morgan joined in the celebration. As well as representatives for the United Steelworkers union and the A.F.S.C.M.E. or American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. The largest trade union of public employees in the United States.

“I believe the labor unions are what brought the middle class together,” said John Thomas, A.F.S.C.M.E. Council 25 Staff Representative. “That's what makes us strong, that's what gives us a voice. That's why we're here, proud to be union members.”

“It's good paying jobs that allow people to live in our communities, pay taxes, send their kids to our schools, and create vibrant communities around our state,” said Sara Cambensy (D), State Representative for the 109th District.

You can learn more about the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees on their website and the United Steelworkers union at

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