LaFave Holds Office Hours

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BREITUNG TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - State Representative Beau LaFave held a question and answer session in Breitung township.

LaFave calls these sessions "office hours", several community members asked the legislator about a variety of topics, ranging from surveying to foster care.

He says the issue he hears about the most is his legislation to reform Michigan's no fault insurance, and he still has a plan to deal with it.

"The first one is a good reform of fee schedule and choices so you can buy something other than unlimited, that's house bill 4024. Just on Thursday I introduced another plan to repeal No-Fault entirely. If I can't get meaningful reform to the status quo and the current system then let's throw the whole thing out, because its been a failed experiment.', said LaFave.

LaFave also held his office hours today in Faithorn.