L'Anse Area Schools Foundation working to help the school

L'ANSE, Mich. (WLUC) - A group working to make L'Anse Area Schools a better place met on Tuesday in the L'Anse Area Schools Library.

The L'Anse Area Schools Foundation, formed in November of 2018, is working to enhance the experience of local students.

"Each school has a limited amount of resources to do the work necessary to educate our kids," says President Raymond Pasquali. "It's a matter of identifying resources to provide the things that may be needed that otherwise would not be funded in a school system."

The executive board held a meeting on Tuesday to continue the work needed to get the foundation up and running.

Currently, the main focus is on paperwork, and establishing contacts with alumni and local businesses to help with funding.

"The process is a long one and we're in it for the long haul and we're very enthusiastic and grateful to be a part of this unique groundbreaking organization for our school," says Pasquali.

Superintendent Susan Tollefson was also present at the meeting, and expressed her gratitude for the initiative.

"Well, I think like all public schools in Michigan you always have that balancing act with the budget and we're always looking for ideas to fund new creative innovative projects," says Tollefson.

The foundation will be funded primarily through donations and memberships, as well as fundraisers.

"A lot of other schools in our Copper Country ISD do have school foundations that support their students and staff," says Tollefson. "We think this is going to provide another resource for programming, possibly for extracurricular groups, a big focus will be scholarships for our students, and just some neat new opportunities that maybe aren't there right now.

To get involved with the foundation or to donate, visit their website, or find them on Facebook, 'L'Anse Area Schools Foundation.'