Kingsford teen saves a choking man

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KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) - Brent Johnson and his wife were celebrating an 8 year anniversary this weekend at Annie’s T&T Steakhouse. Things took a scary turn when the couple's food was delivered.

"I had a piece of steak and it was the first bite. I felt something went down and got lodged,” Brent Johnson told TV6 News. “I just had the feeling that I was choking. So my wife got up and she tried giving me the Heimlich maneuver but that wasn't working."

Thankfully, 18-year-old Andrew Kleikamp was just a few tables over watching it all play out. After seeing this stranger lose consciousness despite his wife's attempt to help, Kleikamp knew he needed to step in.

"As soon as I saw they couldn't get the Heimlich, I went over to see if I could help because I knew I had the CPR class done,” he said. “I thought I might be able to help the situation some."

Not only did he help the situation, he was able to save Johnson’s life.

"It's just something I'd like to think that anyone would do for somebody,” Kleikamp added. “Just to step in and do as much as you can."

"I'm thankful that I'm here and for all that contributed,” Johnson said. “Even my wife said everyone there seemed to be willing to contribute and that was probably what saved my life."

Kleikamp’s teachers saying they aren't surprised that he jumped in when he did.

"I'm not shocked that he jumped in there,” Health teacher, Kevin Murdock, said. “He's that kind of kid, he's got that kind of motor and he wouldn't shy away from that situation. We're really proud of him here at Kingsford High School. I'm really proud of him and I know he did an outstanding job there."

Johnson says the whole experience makes him want to brush up on his own CPR skills.

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