Kingsford students tour inflatable heart for American Heart Month

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KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) - To bring awareness to American Heart Month, Woodland Elementary students, in Kingsford, had the opportunity to learn about the heart.

Woodland students tour the heart with Bellin Health cardiologist. (WLUC Photo)

A Bellin Health cardiologist, Dr. Clay Shaker, talked with Kingsford students about healthy hearts. They learned how the heart works, and toured a big, inflatable one.

"The kids have been loving it. They are so excited, they love walking around the heart, and they love seeing all the parts of the heart. They have a million different questions,” said Dr. Shaker.

He hopes this presentation teaches the students how important it is to take care of their hearts. Hearth month is the entire month of February.