Keweenaw National Historical Park meets for first time since government shutdown

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CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC) - Tuesday's afternoon Keweenaw National Historical Park quarterly meeting began with addressing the reason for the month delay.

The government shutdown.

"It was kind of a strange experience but we are back now," said Scott See, the executive director.

Scott used Tuesday to go over what specific projects have been postponed and its impact on the year, in particularly their annual $135,000 grant program.

"This year we delayed the start of that grant program, it would have been done at the end of last year but we announced that last week," explained Scott.

The superintendent of the national park service says many of their winter educational programs have been impacted by the 35 day shutdown.

"During the winter time we do spend a lot of time visiting schools and welcoming students to the park so we have a lot of work to make up for the time that we were out," said Wyndeth Davis.

In the next two years the national historical park will bring 10 million dollars worth of contracted projects to the area including a three park curatorial facility.

"It’s going to be a major deal we are hoping to work with local contractors to keep that 10 million up here as much as possible," said Davis.

As the deadline approaches for congressional lawmakers to reach a deal, Davis and her staff are preparing if the government does shuts down again.

"It’s hard to keep it out of your mind but we are very resilient people, we are excited about the work we do and we know if we have to step out of work for a couple of days we will be back doing the work that we love to do," said Davis.

Regardless if the government shutdowns again, the advisory board says they want to thank the community for their patience support throughout this process