Keweenaw Chamber: numerous flood relief nominations for 2019 Sparkplug Awards

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - The Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce says many of the nominations they received for the annual Sparkplug Awards was for individuals and businesses who stepped up to help with flood relief efforts.

Chamber member Brian Donnelly says so many people offered help to neighbors and strangers alike during a challenging time last year. He says a special award was created to honor the collective volunteers who gave their time, resources, and muscle to help rebuild a devastated community. A few volunteers were also specially singled out for their contributions, including Kevin Store of the Portage Health foundation, Tommy Crouch from the Hubbell Fire Department, John Stone, and Travis Williams of Evangel Baptist Church.

Donnelly says even some of the winners in other categories helped with flood relief efforts, like Keweenaw Equipment and Events, the winner in the customer service category, who donated equipment to help with flood relief efforts. Angela Luskin, the winner of the Young Professional of the Year award, also had the tough task of rerouting the the Canal Run and the Great Bear Chase after the flooding damaged portions of the race courses.

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