Katherine Finegan installed as fourth bishop of Northern Great Lakes Synod, ELCA

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It was a very important day for the Northern Great Lakes Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Saturday. Bishop Katherine Finegan was installed as the fourth bishop of the Northern Great Lakes Synod, ELCA.

Many pastors, bishops and Lutheran community members from across the Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin gathered to take part in Finegan's installation as bishop at St. Peter Cathedral in downtown Marquette.

"Today is like the party. It's a formality, but it's a delayed celebration where I'm officially installed. You know, you always think of carpet or a new sink when you think of installation, but we also install pastors and new bishops, and so today's the day where I receive a visible affirmation and sign of blessing from the church," says Bishop Katherine Finegan.

Bishop Finegan was elected as bishop on May 23, and has acted as bishop since Sept. 1.

"It's very special," she says. "It gives me the freedom to make decisions, then the other side of that is, of course, you have to deal with the hard stuff. So far, it hasn't been a lot of hard stuff, just more talking with people, communicating, and figuring out what kind of vision do we want for the future of the church and how are we going to move forward together."

Bishop Finegan hasn't always wanted to be a bishop. She began as a pastor for 10 years and then progressed to assistant to the bishop, and from there the road to bishop evolved.

"This position is both an honor and a responsibility. It's a privilege and a daunting task, and I'll do my best," says Bishop Finegan.

Bishop Finegan will be bishop for the next six years. After that term, she and the Northern Great Lakes Synod will decide if she will continue as bishop; if not, a new bishop will be elected.