KBC honors oldest patron

Published: Apr. 6, 2018 at 5:07 PM EDT
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Keweenaw Brewing Company is honoring one of their oldest patrons. 108-year-old Julia Dennis had a very simple message to share.

"I like beer!" she said.

For Dennis's 108th birthday, KBC created the specialty brew, Julia 108.

"Well, the biggest thing that I wanted to make sure was that I was coming up with a good recipe, a good beer. It is special just because she's - I don't ask people their ages - but I'm sure she's one of our older patrons so I wanted to make sure the beer was good," said KBC head brewer Tom Duex.

KBC workers met Julia during a brewing demonstration at her nursing facility. Julia was very involved during the project, and her enthusiasm stood out to KBC brewers.

"I thought of 108 different ways to make it great. 108 minutes on my mash program. 108 ounces of hops in the beer," said Duex.

300 gallons of the specialty brew went on tap in March.

"It is a cherry-wheat style, so a lower ABV. It is a fruit beer. The cherries that we use are from Traverse City area, Montmorency variety. It kind of adds a tartness to try and counterbalance the sweetness," said Duex.

Julia visited KBC in Houghton and was the first person to pour the beer.

"I guess any time that you can get back to the community, especially the older generation, it is special to me, having grown up here. It is just great to get together with them and listen to their experience, talk about local history," said Duex.

Julia 108 is available on tap at KBC in Houghton. Brewers say the beer is expected to run out by the end of the weekend.