Judge Wisti named Treatment Court Hero

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - The Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals named Judge Mark Wisti a treatment court hero. Treatment courts offer treatment for those with severe addiction instead of incarceration.

The honor extends to the rest of the 97th District Sobriety Court team. It began as the nation's first regional treatment court five years ago. Judge Wisti was instrumental in building the court in 2013. He continues work to remove the stigma surrounding addiction.

"These are not evil people. These are people with a disease and we treat it as a disease. We've really been doing the wrong thing in the criminal justice system for a considerable period of time and this is a recognition that we have been. It is a much better way to deal with these things," said Judge Mark Wisti.

The court is one of the most active treatment courts in the U.P. Wisti credits their high success rate to a dedicated treatment team.

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