Jones Elementary School students cash in on TV6 Canathon incentive

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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - Gladstone's Jones Elementary gave students the chance to splash their Principal, Kristina Hansen, with ketchup and mustard for bringing in donations for the TV6 Canathon.

Ms. Hansen challenged her 352 students to bring in more than 650 pounds in donations-and they delivered.

The school collected 969 pounds of food for the TV6 Canathon, and on Friday, December 7, three students-and teachers-from each grade got to spray their principal with ketchup and mustard, all while Ms. Hansen donned an actual hot dog costume.

"The group of students gathered together and worked hard to achieve the goal and so it's always nice when we can do something to help out people in our community," said Kristina Hansen, Principal of Jones Elementary School. "And if that means that I have to dress up like a hot dog then so be it."

Ms. Hansen says 2018 is the most amount of food the school has ever collected. And, she adds, she's incredibly proud of her students.

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