James McCommons offers 'Camera Hunter' book signing, talk

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 8:49 PM EST
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Local author and Northern Michigan University professor James McCommons held a book signing and talk at the Marquette Regional History Center surrounding his book, 'Camera Hunter.'

The book came out in October, and dives deep into the work of George Shiras III.

Wednesday evening's talk focused on Shiras' hand in the birth of wildlife photography, his work around the turn of the century, and his impacts on National Geographic magazine.

It also touched on his connection to Marquette.

"George Shiras III, the guy that I'm talking about, married the daughter of Peter White. The two families were friends and were brought together that way. So there's a lot of Marquette connections," says McCommons.

Shiras is well-regarded as the world's first wildlife photographer.

He is also credited with creating the first trail camera.

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