NMU's Career Exploration Open House

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It's another Wildcat Weekend on the campus of Northern Michigan University.

As part of the experience, staff at the Jacobetti Complex held a free open house.

It was a great opportunity for people to come in, meet with faculty and walk around the five-acre complex.

Attendees got to ask questions, learn about the more than 40 specialized labs, classrooms and find out what each program is like.

Doctor John Centko, Department Head for Technology & Occupational Sciences says the Jacobetti Complex is the hidden gem of the NMU campus.

It’s home to a wide range of career opportunities including mechanical and electrical engineering, aviation maintenance, hospitality management, cosmetology, automotive repair, construction management, building technology, electronics, industrial technology and skilled trades such as HVAC, welding, industrial maintenance and computer numerical control.

"We've got a lot of two year programs and some four-year programs. It provides a great opportunity for people that are graduating high school and looking to get into a career quickly and get out in to the work force or people that are looking at leaving the work force and getting re-tooled and a new career set up for them. We've got a lot of opportunities," Centko exclaimed.

Many of the disciplines offered through the Jacobetti Complex can help you build careers that can keep you in the Great Lakes region, more specifically, right here in the Upper Peninsula.

“These types of careers are great for tier one economic development here in our region. These are people that help the workforce directly grow within our region. They provide a lot of services whether it's hospitality management or cosmetology programs, automotive services technology, aviation maintenance technology. Those are careers that people can have and live right here within our region," Centko reasoned.

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