City of Ishpeming will use temporary sewage pump in place of failed pump if necessary

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - The city of Ishpeming received council permission at Tuesday’s meeting to have a company set up a temporary sewage pump if their back-up sewage pump were to fail. This decision came after one of the pumps at their park street pump station failed.

Since the pump is old, the city says they couldn't repair it or find any other compatible sewage pumps.

Mark Slown, the city manager of Ishpeming, says this temporary replacement will help keep the sewage flowing.

"They authorized us to use this company, A. Lindberg & Sons,” said Slown. “We've worked with them before to put in temporary pump if we need to. In other words, it may not happen…we might not have to spend any money, but if we do, if that other pump fails we have a solution."

Slown says the city does have a long-term plan to completely replace the pump station with modern equipment. This will come at a later date once it has been evaluated and approved.

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