Ishpeming Class of 2020 has a different kind of parade

Published: Jun. 5, 2020 at 8:06 PM EDT
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Instead of having the Ishpeming High School seniors parade through the community for graduation, the community brought the parade to the students. Friday afternoon 69 students from the IHS class of 2020 lined the sidewalk in front of their school.

Then a parade of cars drove by to wave and congratulate the seniors. The school felt this was a way to make the students more visible. We spoke to the IHS Principal about this class of 2020.

"This group, this class we have here of 2020 is one of those groups where, if you work in schools long enough you have years and groups that are just kind of special, they have a certain level of energy that's just another level and this is one of those groups that's going to be remembered by the community for a long time," said IHS Principal Seth Hoopingarner.

Cars were allowed to go around the block multiple times to congratulate the new graduates.

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