Ishpeming City Council passes high water usage adjustment policy

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - The Ishpeming City Council has passed a new plan to help residents in case of catastrophic water leaks or high usage. Wednesday the council approved the policy called a 'one time leak/high water usage adjustment.'

There are certain terms that must be met before the one time policy can be used. Among them, the bill must be at least $1,000 over the 12 month average and the owner will have 6 months to bring the account current and pay for at least a sixth of the amount owed.

"Sometimes it's beyond people's control and if we can help them out in some ways, get it down to something that is more manageable and give them some time to pay it, then I think it's fair to city residents," said Ishpeming Interim City Manager, Steven Snowaert.

The policy can only be applied once and is only for Ishepming city residents.

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