Ishpeming City Council passes emergency ordinance prohibiting marijuana sales

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC)- The City of Ishpeming passed an emergency ordinance earlier this week in response to marijuana legalization, prohibiting the sale of marijuana within city boundaries.

Michigan voters passed the regulation and taxation of marijuana act in November. The state now has one year to set laws and guidelines concerning marijuana sales.

City Manager Mark Slown says the emergency ordinance is not meant to contradict the act, but serve as a temporary measure to halt potentially illegal sales.

“What the city council, I think their intention was, is to hold in advance the establishment of businesses selling marijuana in the city,” said Slown. “Until such time as those rules are promulgated and understood by us and the public.”

Slown says the city council will reevaluate their ordinances, once the state of Michigan passes marijuana sales regulations.

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