Aspirus Iron River Clinic nearly finished

Published: Jan. 2, 2018 at 7:07 PM EST
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Construction on the new Aspirus Iron River Clinic in Iron River is just a couple months away from finishing.

The building will be the new home for the majority of area satellite clinics, and is expected to be opening in March.

The new 24,000 square foot facility being built on the campus of the current hospital will have their grand opening March 15th.

The facility will provide added space for the growing medical facility, as well as consolidating the majority of Iron River's medical clinics and practices in one place.

"What it allows us to do is have rehab, and lab, and our imaging, so we're having x-raying and ultrasound in this building so it's kind of one-stop shop," Aspirus Iron River Marketing Director Abby Miller said. "Really it's a convenience for the patients which is what we wanted."

Hospital staff said the design of the hospital is similar to other Aspirus facilities in places like Laurium, Ironwood, and Houghton, with the addition of incorporating the lake as a backdrop to the clinic.

"We wanted it to really compliment the hospital and that sort of theme, but really the lake is this giant piece of artwork in our back yard and we really wanted that to be the focal point of the clinic," Miller said. "Everything is a very natural and organic kind of composition."

Construction has continued even through the recent cold snap.

"Actually the building's been heated for a couple months now, our HVAC contractor R.C. Mechanical has been handling all the heating in the building and it's been actually very nice to work inside," Project Manager for Miron Construction Heather Stoffel said.

According to contractors, except for a minor hiccup with the site itself in the beginning, they had to add and compact down sand for equipment to roll in, the build has gone smoothly.

"It has, people here in the community have been very supporting, we have a lot of local contractors that have been very supportive and that helps kind of, everybody kind of has ownership of it and that's really a great feeling," Stoffel said.

Construction is scheduled to be complete March 2nd, allowing the hospital to move in furniture and equipment by their March opening.