Iron Mountain's North Elementary School third graders publish book

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Iron Mountain third grade students are now published authors, by learning the writing process, in a unique way.

Students from Mrs. Maycunich's third grade class read book they published. (WLUC Photo)

"We published a book. We had the idea from our first grade teacher Mrs. Greiner,” said a North Elementary School third grade teacher, Jodi Maycunich.

These students decided to write about their favorite season, fall, winter, summer or spring. Which quickly narrowed down to winter and summer.

"It's just really fun to write about stuff and learn new things, to work together and think of ideas for it,” said one of the authors, and North Elementary School third grader, Eli Siren.

This project pushed students to write a rough draft, then edit and, finally, use those edits to create a final draft. They even got to illustrate their work.

"We learned how to write better, put more sentences and more paragraphs, and just work with friends,” said another author and North Elementary School third grader, Abby Hawkins.

The pages were sent in to Scholastic to get published. Each student has two pages, one illustration and one writing page.

Maycunich said getting the books was exciting.

"It feels wonderful, I have an amazing class this year and it was really a fun learning experience for them, to see how a book really is published and to see all the work that goes into it,” she said.

The third grade authors said the time spent writing was worth it.

"It kind of makes me feel happy that all the work paid off,” said Hawkins.

Now they can say they are published writers.

"It feels like really cool to have our own book,” said Siren.

Many of the students bought copies of the book for their families, but there is also a class copy that is being sent home so all families can read it.

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