Iron Mountain Public Schools looking at bringing back liaison officer

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - In the midst of schools across America increasing their security, Iron Mountain Public Schools are trying to bring back an old program.
The school district is attempting to bring back the schools liaison officer program.

The Iron Mountain Public Schools lost their liaison officer a few years back due to lack of funding.

"There is a very powerful set of initiatives that can happen in a school environment when you have regular, persistent presence from law enforcement,” said Superintendent Raphael Rittenhouse. “That type of programming is going to be extremely well utilized and it's perfect timing to have that program come back to Iron Mountain."

"Anytime you have an officer in the school, I believe your likely-hood of having a major incident there goes down,” said Deputy Director Ed Mattson.

If approved Iron Mountain Police Department would send an officer to be stationed in the school.
The department would hire a new recruit, but a trained veteran officer would be moved into the liaison position.
The liaison officer would be there to keep the students safe as well as take over student related investigations

"They could help with any abuse, neglect and sexual assaults,” said Mattson. “When the children know the officer before they're the victim of something it helps with the investigation."

"I really believe that that type of presence on site with our student population is nothing but a good idea. It's money very well spent, it's proactive and I believe it will more than pay for itself in terms of results of the program” said Rittenhouse.
The vote to implement the new officer won’t happen until November, but Rittenhouse says he’s confident they will have the votes to pass it through.

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