Iron Mountain City Council votes to hold recreational marijuana public hearing

Iron Mountain's Mayor makes a motion to move forward with a public hearing on October 7, 2019....
Iron Mountain's Mayor makes a motion to move forward with a public hearing on October 7, 2019. (WLUC Photo) (WLUC)
Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 10:10 PM EDT
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Iron Mountain's City Council is taking another step on recreational marijuana.

Council members voted Monday night to hold a public hearing on October 7, 2019 regarding recreational marijuana in the city.

"The council took action to set a public hearing for a recreational medical facility license,” said Iron Mountain’s City Manager, Jordan Stanchina.

The council looked at draft ordinance to allow a limited number of recreational marijuana shops in the city, which was the next step in this debate. The draft almost mirrors the medical ordinance which the city already adopted.

Dickinson County Resident, Lisa Riley said she feels the council is moving in a positive direction based on this decision.

"It's a wonderful thing. It helps so many people and it would be an excellent thing to our economically challenged community,” she said.

While marijuana sales would bring in money, another meeting attendee feels this decision was made too quickly.

"They say this is going to be a money maker, but as with gambling, there's a great deal of added costs to the communities we're gambling is permitted. So are we just looking for trouble in the future,” said Dickinson County Resident, Virgina Feleppa.

During the past two meetings, recreation marijuana has been a hot topic.

Different aspects have been addressed including testing and scoring, but the public still must be involved.

"It has been discussed for a number of meetings now, it is out there but this is the formal part of the ordinance,” said Stanchina.

The public forum gives residents the opportunity to speak to the council.